Mobile video filters


Ready to improve your video content? With our 7 mobile video filters, you’ll be able to edit your clips in one click.

Whether it’s for your Instagram stories, reels or even tiktoks: they’re made for you.

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Description of the Filters

  • Moon 1: our favorite. Tropical tones suitable for sunny videos.
  • Moon 1.1: bonus filter. It is moon 1 in less saturated. Perfect for already tanned skin.
  • Moon 2: perfect for summer. The tones are lighter and less saturated. Also perfect for the city and the night.
  • Moon 3: it will improve the colors while remaining close to reality. Perfect for adding just a little glitter to your lives.
  • Moon 4: it will mostly play on the greens. Perfect for forest/jungle videos.
  • Moon 5: perfect for the city, it adds a vintage and moody feel to your videos.
  • Moon 6: your best ally for sunsets.

Additional Information

Our collection of mobile video filters is perfect for any situation. Our 7 filters will allow you to improve the colors of your videos without losing quality. Your reels, stories and tiktoks will be much more peppy. On the free VN app, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your chosen filter in one click and adjust its intensity for a guaranteed natural result.


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