Questions about our photo and video equipment for travel come up very frequently on our social networks. What equipment do you have? What do you use to film underwater? What lenses do you recommend for traveling light?

We have finally decided to answer all your questions!

Before going into details, you should know that Matéo was a professional videographer before we embarked on the MoonWalkers adventure. He had already invested in a lot of equipment that we were lucky enough to bring with us on our trip. There are much less expensive options for getting started in travel photography and video and we’ll tell you about them below.




ND filters

Aquatic gear: 

  • Caisson Seafrogs for Sony A7SIII
  • GoPro 9

Storage gear: 

Travel photo and video gear for beginners

You have to start somewhere. So here are our tips for those starting out on a limited budget.

1- Start with a good phone

The cameras on our smartphones are amazing these days. We both have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but that’s already a good budget. The iPhones 11 and 12 are more than sufficient. From your phone, you can edit your photos and videos simply from the Lightroom (photo) and VN (video) applications.

For both apps, there are filters that are applied with one click. If you like our work and our creative touch, you can purchase our video filters and photo presets.


2- The GoPro: the compact and efficient ally

Today these mini cameras work miracles! Whether for adventure, aquatic and even FPV content: the GoPro is really very useful.

We recommend the last one GoPro 11 hero black.

3- Invest in your first hybrid case

If you want to go further, you can start with a hybrid photo and video camera. We recommend the A6600! Matéo started its edits with the A6300 in 2017. The new generation is of course much better:


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