Why do we travel so much?

For us, travel is a privileged way to discover new cultures, to meet people, to discover incredible landscapes.

You will tell us, so far, nothing very original.

So yes, for us the trip is all that. But it is also a way to communicate through our content to highlight some little known wonders, ancestral traditions, unique stories, exploits of nature. Our job allows us to create photos and videos that allow many to escape, to discover, to be inspired.

And the key word in the way we do all this is authenticity. Nothing is perfect, neither our way of traveling, nor the destinations we visit, nor our adventures. So let’s be honest and transparent and share the good times as well as the bad.

To work with us is to take part in our adventure and trust our creative eye. It is with passion, rigor (and a touch of fun) that we will exchange with you on your future projects.

We are Mat & Lou, two content creators passionate about travel. Having grown up in the Bassin d’Arcachon, it is surrounded by nature that we have taken a liking to travel, photography, and above all: video. We have been together for 8 years and have already traveled the planet well. It is always by going off the beaten track that we like to explore our beautiful planet.

In November 2021, we decided to leave everything behind to make the crazy bet of embarking 100% on this profession of passion: travel content creators. Matéo was a professional videographer for 3 years and worked with many brands and destinations in Europe. He always does it with talent, passion and determination. But he has always had a weakness for travel video… Today he is the creative genius behind our content.

I (Lou) am a former recruiter and above all a travel lover since my childhood! I really like to write to tell our adventures. I am also the organizer of our trips and I take care of all the administrative part. Before being part of the Moon Walkers adventure, I worked in a Parisian startup for almost 3 years.

Today, we are creators of travel and lifestyle content. We always create by prioritizing the creative universe of our partner while adding our creative touch

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